FL Studio Signature Bundle

FL Studio Signature Bundle

FL Studio Signature Bundle-Activation Code (sent via email)

FL Studio Signature Bundle-Activation Code (sent via email)

FL Studio 21 Fruity Edition

Key New Features in FL Studio 21

Audio Clips – Integrated envelopes with fade in/out, precise level control and automated crossfades.

Themes – Hue, Contrast, Brightness, highlights, metering & step color control.

Browser – Upgraded browser with tagging, lightning fast search and online content discovery with download management.

Luxeverb (All Plugins Edition)- The most advanced reverb made exclusively for FL Studio.

Vintage phaser (Signature Bundle and up) – Meticulously modeled on the 80’s classic used on Oxygene by Jean-Michelle Jarre.

Multiband Delay (Producer Edition and up) – 16 frequency band delay with independent control. A truly unique sound design tool.

VFX Sequencer (All Editions) – An advanced step sequencer to transform chords into melodic phrases.

Multi-language support – Spanish, German and French in addition to English and Chinese.

And much more – See here for the full list

As low as £79.00

Key New Features in FL Studio 20

  • Mac version – FL Studio is now available for macOS 10.11 and higher. It's a native 64-Bit application Including support for Mac VST and AU plugins. Projects made on Mac and Windows are interchangeable. Project interoperability extends to 3rd party plugins installed on both platforms. Existing, Lifetime Free Update, and new customers can unlock FL Studio for Mac and Windows at no extra cost. One license to rule them all!
  • Time Signatures – FL Studio now supports Time Signatures, including unlimited Time Signature changes, independently in both the Playlist and Patterns (Piano rolls). FL Studio’s unique pattern system enables, simultaneous and multiple Time Signatures at any point in the Playlist.
  • In-situ rendering (‘freezing’) – Bounce selected Audio and Pattern Clips to audio. Options include; Consolidate Playlist Clip selections or complete tracks. Render Clips to Audio, Render Clips to audio and replace Playlist Pattern Clips. Use these features to compile audio-takes into a single Audio Clip, reduce CPU load by converting real-time synthesis and effects processing to audio or convert MIDI to audio for further processing and resynthesis.
  • Playlist Arrangements – The Playlist now supports multiple 'Arrangements' (Playlists). Each Arrangement is the complete layout of Audio, Automation and Pattern Clips. Users can now work with multiple versions of their project saving ideas, sound design and ‘arrangements’.
  • Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) – PDC and Automatic PDC have been rebuilt, from the ground up, to support today’s complex workflows. Manual and Auto-PDC can now co-exist. Updates include: Mixer send compensation, Wet/Dry mixer FX compensation, Audio input compensation, Metronome compensation, Plugin Wrapper custom values remembered per-plugin and improved PDC controls in the Mixer.

FL Studio 12 to 20? - To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of FL Studio Image-Line have moved to a year-based numbering system. This explains the jump from FL Studio 12.5 to FL Studio 20.0. Enjoy!
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