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Landscape Studio and SPL

Over the past couple of months, Sonic8 Benelux have delivered an SPL Tube Vitalizer, Qure, Kultube, Channel One, Mixdream, 2Control and a Sontronics Omega to the Belgian based Landscape Studio.

Producer/Studio Engineer and Remixer Roel Sterkens, known for commercial dance/techno projects like Divino (Proper To Men), 7pm, Acapulco, Kamasutra, M.A.R.S and many others says: "I now use the SPL units on at about every song I do, and can't imagine making a record without the "Drive", "Tube Harmonics" and "Qure" knobs anymore

The Kultube and Qure are used on most tracks and the Tube Vitalizer is mostly used on group tracks or the masterbus. The Mixdream and 2Control sound incredible, it's like a pro mixing desk with the advantage of internal mixing."

Roel is always on the look out for talented people, so for demos or info, please contact: roelsterkens@hotmail.com

Roel Sterkens in the studio
studio1 Studio2 Studio3

Moreese from Belgium - The newest project from the lead singer of Belgian bands Praga Khan and Lord of Acid

Moreese choose SPL

Our SPL Key Dealer - Klinkers Electronics - sold two Frontliners and one Vitalizer Mk2-T to the Belgian band Moreese recently.

Moreese is the newest project from the lead singer of Belgian bands Praga Khan and Lord of Acid.

The two Frontliners will be used on vocals during the tour.

The Vitalizer will be inserted on master left and right, giving the clean sound of the digital FOH mixing desk some extra tube warmth and punch."

Relevant websites :

New Affordable Audiophile Studio Chooses Antares

Ex-Turnkey Managing Director Rupert Pfaff has just opened a new canalside recording studio in East London; The Limehouse, which is billed as providing audiophile recording at affordable prices, and from the looks of what's on offer it certainly seems to deliver. Rupert said "I've always valued the human voice as by far the most important and evocative element of modern music, and as such, wanted to provide my clients with not only the best quality vocal processing available, but also a diverse range of vocal-specific effects. Antares has delivered both of these in spades with Autotune Evo and the Avox suite - I really love the wide selection of processes it performs, from the subtlety of 'Warm' to the craziness of 'Mutator'." Early customers have reportedly been very happy with results, and Antares software has already seen use on the 25th Anniversary Remix of Simply Red's 'Money's Too Tight' - shh, don't tell Mick!

Contact The Limehouse:



0800 678 5878