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Charisma 2

Charisma 2

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Charisma 2

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Quick Overview

The Charisma 2 is a dual channel tube processor designed to improve the power, punch, dynamics and the subjective loudness of processed signals. Designed to introduce a subjective tonal warmth and a smooth bottom end into digitally recorded material, Char

Product Description

CHARISMA is an tube processor designed to improve the power, punch, dynamics as well as the subjective loudness of the signal being processed. CHARISMA also optimizes the headroom exploitation of digital recording systems by helping to prevent overload while recording. Subjectively, CHARISMA introduces tonal warmth and a smooth bottom end into digital recording. CHARISMA is a joint development with Manfred Reckmeyer, whose exceptional knowledge of tube technology, plus his aural imagination, have resulted in some amazing custom designs for tube guitar preamps. Who could better describe the concept of CHARISMA than the developer himself? - we quote from an interview with Production Partner magazine: "Since digital multitrack like ADATs or DA-88 have been around, I have heard from many recording engineers that these are practical and affordable products that represent a real recording alternative. Still, many miss the punch of analogue tape machines, so they decide to record certain instruments on analogue, or they dub the digital multitrack onto an analogue 24-track to breath some life into the tracks. It is very similar with hard disk recording systems. These systems provide incredible editing features, but many engineers miss something in the sound, too." What is described here is familiar to many of us. CHARISMA represents a solution that exceeds by far the mere simulation of tape saturation. CHARISMA's tube saturation characteristic can actually be manipulated. Even so, the concept of operation is kept simple: Each CHARISMA-channel has three potentiometers with which you can drive the tubes (Drive), change the tube saturation characteristic (Charisma) and set the output level (Output).

Charisma also helps to prevent overload and clipping on digitally or analogue recorded tracks. Charisma gives your signals more clarity, transparency and presence. Each part of the mix, instrument or vocal can easier be distinguished and located. Using the Charisma on single instruments alone lets those signals stick out of the mix. It also helps you to place vocals in a densed playback and maintaining their presence. The Charisma is equipped with XLR-connectors and TRS stereo jacks for balanced operation.

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